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As new states push to legalize cannabis use for adults there are now more ways than ever to consume marijuana, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a cooler way to light up than with the Hitoki Trident. Simply put, the Hitoki Trident is a bong that uses a laser as its combustion process — that's right, it's a freaking laser bong. Is it a little ridiculous and over-the-top? Yes. But the Trident also delivers on its promise of providing a unique and smooth smoking experience that feels like it's from the future.

What is the Hitoki Trident laser bong?

The product is the brainchild of brothers Jack and Joe Tran. Joe told me that he dreamed up the idea of using a laser after smoking a joint and thinking about those cheap dollar store lasers toys he and his brother used to buy as kids. But this is no dollar store bong. The Trident is sleek and modern and more like a piece of art. While typical bongs from blown-glass have always been considered a work of functional art, the Hitoki Trident feels a little more mature.

That's right, it's a freaking laser bong.

The Trident arrived on my doorstep in a small reusable box, and it sort of resembled the packaging that comes with a really fancy bottle of whiskey. The corner of my box was a little smashed, but the packaging was secure enough that the Trident was undamaged. As per the instructions, I immediately plugged in the bong to the supplied USB-C charging cable and returned less than two hours later to a fully charged device. The whole vibe from Hitoki is to create a more sophisticated smoking experience, and the company is not shy in putting that message forward. The inside of the box is inscribed with the words "Elevate yourself," "Elevate your surroundings," and "Elevate society." Along with the tools and accessories necessary to use the Trident, a grinder plate about the size of a credit card with the letter "E" etched into it was also included in the box. (Previously the device was known as the Saber, and the company called itself Elevareco before rebranding to the Hitoki Trident.)

Getting started with the laser bong

Along with the device itself, the box also includes a charger, a silicone hose with a mouthpiece, and a poker. After charging the device, set up is pretty simple, but you'll want to watch this video Hitoki has on its YouTube page that describes how you unscrew the water reservoir, as well as how and where you load your flower into the small chamber. The Trident operates like other vapes on the market, and it only has one button on the top to operate it. Pushing the button five times turns the Trident on and off, and this is a great safety feature for keeping the device out of the wrong hands